Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Not much is going on with me these days. I have more rejections than anything else, but that’s what seems to be going on for most people out there. The job market is just bad. Let’s face it…it isn’t getting any better any time soon. At least the unemployment people aren’t holding anything against me. I found out they are going to let me draw.

You see, I was afraid they may not. I worked for a call center about two years ago for only a short amount of time. Then I was out of work for almost a year. At that time the only company who was willing to hire me was another call center. This one has sales quotas that I was unable to meet. Of course, it has something to do with me being too honest, but whatever. I really was afraid I would not be able to draw because of it. Today they said I could. Yea me!

So I find myself a little at loose ends now. I went from mandatory overtime with full time school requirements to nothing for about three weeks. Of course the break was welcome, but it’s more than I’m used to. I need more to do with my time. I guess the busier I am the better. Of course, my writing suffers and you all know how my posts have pretty much tapered off since then.

Since I can breathe now because the unemployment is coming in, I hope to change the lack of posts a bit. My hobby will also pick up some steam. I will probably have fun with that. Picture taking here I come!

The classes I have right now are almost hilarious. I have Business Law I and Strategic Management. Both of them will let me pontificate on my opinions about each one of them. And we all know how much I love that. I know you are aware of how much my opinion matters to me. I mean why not? Isn’t it important to you too? I thought so!

Aren’t you all glad I wrote this now? The sarcasm may be returning in small waves. Oh no!


  1. Things will get better! It took me nearly a year of looking to finally find a new job, but luckily I had a job the whole time, albeit a crappy one. But things are looking up and don't lose hope! I can't wait until you start posting more, you are so funny!

  2. I so hope so. I love your sarcasm. And woo hoo for unemployement!!!!!