Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Relief Was Short-Lived

Yes, I did not receive my unemployment for this week. And the only reason I have is that it is under review. So for two weeks it was supposed to be okay. Not now.

Now I don’t know when the unemployment will go through. I finally reached someone in that office but all they could tell me was that it was under review. What? I was told originally that I was eligible and now I have to wait for a new assessment? What is that all about?

Okay, now that I have ranted about that, I can continue. So here it goes.

My brother and his family are coming!!! The exclamation points are for him and his kids. My SIL is more of a so what reaction. She has to be able to sleep or she’s cranky. She has to go shopping or she’s cranky. She has to do things her way or she’s cranky. Do you see where I’m going with this? So I will have to take a deep breath right before she gets here and sail through the weekend. Hopefully, it will go smoothly. After all, who doesn’t want smooth sailing?


  1. Have fun with your brother and his kids! I wish I could see my brothers now. I'm jealous! As for the SIL, sorry. That can make things tough. I agree with Dazee.

  2. Have fun with your family! Glad you'll have something to distract you from the annoying stuff. The unemployment stuff sounds really annoying! Good luck. :)