Friday, July 15, 2011

Is Anyone Else Addicted?

Why not? It’s fascinating! Okay, so I know not everyone either can or wants to watch Courtv like me. I am so addicted. There is one caveat though. I don’t stay glued to it. But the tv is on and I half listen. I get the major points.

I know that everyone else in the world has been following the Casey Anthony trial. It’s made the news all the way around the world. For those of you who were completely outraged by the verdict, I understand. Here’s my take on how the jury reached its decision and why I feel they reached the logical conclusion. And before I get all this hate mail keep in mind I agree that she had something to do with Caylee’s death.

So the question is why do I feel they reached the correct verdict? I feel this way because there is no evidence to say how little Caylee died. You have to ask yourself only one question.

What exactly is the cause of death?

And you can’t answer it. Neither can I. My problem is that although I feel she did something, there is no way to say what the exact cause of death was. For that reason, you cannot find for First Degree. Now can you find for Manslaughter? That answer is also no.

How many of you have heard or read stories about teenagers or pre-teens who died from an undiagnosed heart condition? Until they died, those kids led regular lives with bicycles and soccer. It was not until the autopsy was performed that it was discovered. So did Caylee have an undiagnosed heart condition? We don’t know. That is the problem.

The prosecution went after the wrong verdict. First Degree was not what they should have gone for. Had they charged her with Manslaughter and unlawful disposal of a body, they may have been able to pin something besides lying to law enforcement on her.

The smell test is not scientific fact and the odor science is still in its infancy. That puts those theories at a disadvantage from the start. Those were the only real pieces of evidence they put forth. Liars do not make murderers any more than do cheating spouses. So that cannot be taken into account either. It was going to be a tough sell for the prosecution.

The most disturbing things I have found since that verdict was rendered are the threats that are being thrown at Casey’s parents and the attorneys.

First of all, why is anyone threatening her parents? They did not do anything with Caylee, nor did they have anything to do with the verdict. Leave them alone! And the attorneys were doing the job they were hired to do. Leave them alone!

But the worst thing I’ve heard is in regards to the Oklahoma woman who was run off the road causing her truck to flip twice before stopping. The other woman claimed she looked like Casey and had to be stopped. Granted she is crazy, but there are more crazy people out there just like her. Who else will continue to be violent in defense of Caylee?

Hasn’t there been enough violence coming out of this case? The more attention paid to her will only ensure that this case lingers on and on. So this will be my last post on Casey Anthony or anything regarding the case. Unless, of course, something else ticks me off. So be prepared for that too.

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  1. They had the choice to go with manslaughter, they just didn't. they were afraid. One of the jurors even said that. But I agree. I just hate that they say, she drowned, so they made it look like murder. what the hell. no one in their right mind does that. ok, getting down now.

    I will follow you no matter what and never send you hate mail, unless of course, you say I did it, then we won't be friends. :)