Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What Is Wrong With People?

I just had a visit from one of my neighbors. She had just spoken with someone who was asking her questions about our dog. He had been visiting all of our neighbors asking the same questions. He claimed he was from a lawyer’s office. Here’s the reason.

Apparently, a lady walking her little dog past our house claims that our dog so traumatized her little dog that the dog was unable to continue his/her walk and had to be carried by said lady.

I give up! Who calls a lawyer because they are walking past a house where a dog lives and claims that dog scared her yipper so badly it had to be carried? I am so disgusted right now. We already lost one because we felt he was getting too aggressive and the one dog that wouldn’t hurt a flea is now being called into question. She may be a Boxer, but she’s also a miss fluff when it comes to people and other dogs. All she wants to do is play.


  1. oh my hell. like you need this shit. as long as your dog's not chasing her dog, I can't see there is a problem. good god almighty. I'm shocked and amazed at people.

  2. This is ridiculous! And I'm not even a "dog" person. Since when can someone call into question something/someone that is in your own yard. At halloween does she try to sue all her neighbors for their scary decorations. I have a neighbor who's dog trips me everytime I'm out jogging and I don't say a word (clearly it's not in it's own yard). She sounds like a crazy old bat and the lawyer is even nuttier!

  3. Why don't she walk the other way, or should I say carry her pooch the other way, sounds like a trouble maker in the hood!

  4. I've come to the conclusion that there are a lot of greedy idiots out there!

  5. Holy Crap! That's just stupid. Sorry you have to deal with that. She probably saw your dog was a boxer and immediately thought she was mean. Because people are like that and figured she could get some money out of you.