Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuesday Train


How has everyone been the last week? My week has been a series of ups and downs. I lost about four months of photos due to my computer. Thank you computer! At least I was able to order another one and it should be here sometime this week. I will be so happy to see another one. I'm tired of losing things in here. She almost didn't want to start yesterday. I've had it for about three years and it has been a good one. Its time has come. May it rest in peace....but not until the new one comes!

Now it's time to take a ride on the Train and I'm really happy I'm here. Aren't you glad to join us on the ride? With Faith, Family, And Friends, The Survival Mama, and The House on the Corner are the best at what they do. So link up and enjoy the ride.


  1. Oh no about the friend and her husband both had their computers go in the past two weeks. Not a good time for computers apparently. :(

  2. So sorry to hear about your computer. It really is like a slow miserable death when they go kaput! I myself was going through a PC every 18 months until I finally broke down and bought a Mac Pro. This computer is a work horse, I've had it for years and I still LOVE it! Hope you love your new computer too! New follower :P

  3. Oh no! I have a love/hate relationship with computers sometimes! :-/

    Thanks for hosting! xo