Sunday, June 5, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Now, you know you want to do this. Challenge yourself so you can have more fun on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos.


92 degrees the day this was written.

Finding Form

The shape of a speed boat is beautiful.

Front Page of the News

I know I used the same paper. Sorry!


Who likes to mop floors? Not me!


The tiny beads that form the chain at the end of a pair of clippers.

And next week's categories.....

Long Exposure
Shape(s) (Ginger's suggestion)
Green (Ginger's suggestion)
Fruit (30 Day Photo Challenge June 7th Prompt/Flickr Group)
Childhood Memory (30 Day Photo Challenge June 10th Prompt/Flickr Group - could also be a "flashback" photo or a "Then and Now" photo as suggested by Elena at Selfie Magic)


  1. These are great - and with it only being June. I can imagine that the heat will continue to be in the news.

  2. Don't like cleaning floors with any method! Lovely photos! I love the boat--hopefully it'll help keep you cool?

  3. I look at these and think, "I like this one best," "Wait no, this one!"

    This week it was the boat and the clippers.

    I'd have to go to the mini-mart or CVS to snap a newspaper photo, and a lot farther than that for a boat shot.

    Is that your boat? Lucky!

  4. Great photos. I love your finding form shot. Looks like so much fun!