Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's Raining Cats and Dogs and Rude People

Yes, it has been non-stop raining here for days. All day the downpours have happened almost every two hours. It’s almost like clockwork. Somebody set the alarm! Please stop! Okay, enough of that subject.

I always wonder what goes through other people’s heads when they are in their car. Aren’t they all singing at the top of their lungs like me? Apparently not. I’m still getting run down in a park where the speed limit is 10mph. And the other day, a guy was watching me come down the street and he backed out of his parking spot right in front of me. No, really he did.

So what would cause someone to see another person driving down the streets and just back out in front of them? Let me see, was it the rusty 4Runner I was driving? I’m sure he missed the fact that there ARE NO DINGS AT ALL on my car. It may be rusty, but it is otherwise in almost complete pristine condition. Was it the fact that I just look nice and he knew I would stop? Surely I put him six feet under by the look on my face. So that cannot be it.

So what would explain it? HE IS JUST RUDE!!! He probably does that to anyone who comes down the street. When he’s ready, he just backs up. It’s amazing the back end of his car isn’t smashed to smithereens. Maybe I should have hit him just for the principle.

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