Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Promised News

Yes, I’m telling all now. Let’s start with a little background though. And it all starts last November.

In November of last year, I was still on unemployment and wasn’t getting any bites for a job. So when I got the call I did, I jumped all over it. Unfortunately, it was for a call center that focuses on sales and not customer service. I really didn’t have a choice because of the fact my unemployment was going to run out. Trust me…call center work is not for me.

It isn’t because I suck at customer service. In fact, I am very good at that. It’s the issue of sales that I find most irritating. How do you sell something to someone who is on a limited income or has just lost their job? Really? Anyway, they let me go last Friday. So I am unemployed again. I’m getting very frustrated since those are the only jobs that seem to be available these days. And it won’t be getting any better according to the money guys. Sheez!

At the same time during the last two weeks, I’ve been battling computers. First, my original computer that I started school with decided to lose about four months of photos and my final paper for school. Yes, the ten page paper that had to have full APA format was gone. All the photos were gone. My paper that was due in less than two weeks was just gone. After scrambling to get another computer, I had to start the paper over.

Then, eight days after getting the new computer, it also decided to cause me problems. I shut it down one evening and the next evening it wouldn’t let me sign on. Nice, I thought. To add upset to injury, I lost my paper again. What in the world was going on with me and computers?

So after all that, on Friday, I was going along and answering phones at work when my boss sent me an IM that said he wanted me to have a meeting with him after I got off the call. So I let him know when I was off the call and he said okay. I locked my computer and turned around. He was already at the end of the walkway and said we would meet downstairs. I knew right then what was up, but I still asked him if I should take my bag. He looked at me and said it might be a good idea. Yes, you guessed it. I was fired. Yee haw!

I refuse to get pushy with people on a fixed income. The housing market is still tumbling and is not expected to change any time soon. The thing is that I was offering on all my calls, I just didn’t get pushy and force them into a sale. For that, I am jobless again.

What they probably don’t know is that I took that job at the time because it was the only one I was getting offered. I had to do something. So at least I worked for a while. Around here it is very difficult when you don’t have a Bachelor’s degree. There are three colleges in town and the only thing they think I qualify for is cleaning toilets.

The problem is not that I think it is a bad job it’s just that my shoulder does not do well with a serious physical type of job. And anyone who knows about housecleaning, it’s not easy. But it may come down to that.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll just have to take what I can get. I’m considering looking for work somewhere else. I hate to leave the kids and grandkids, but this is getting ridiculous. I look around in other areas of the country and there are jobs that I qualify for. They aren’t here. The Upper Midwest is slowly dying and who knows how long it will take to come back? I just know I need to do something now.

So maybe I’ll have something to tell you soon. I sure hope so.

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  1. I hate sales, so I can't blame you. I can't sell either. But anyway, I do wish you the best and hopefully, something positive happens very soon! Try to hang in there...