Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Company I Work For

The company I work for has so many problems. I have never seen such bad management of a company that professes to be so great. Since I started here, I’ve seen nothing but issues and poor planning.

In 2009, they purchased another telecommunications company that was about twice their size. We just finished with the conversion about a month ago to get all the customers into one system. What a mess!

1.3 million customers came into the system all in one day. And you know what they did? They closed the largest center in the company and let the rest of us deal with the chaos that ensued. They closed the other center for training. WHAT!??! Are you telling me they couldn’t train part of them at a time instead of shutting them down for an entire month!??!

We have had mandatory overtime for the two months. The planning for this has been horrendous. Whoever did should be fired. They probably weren’t. But I will get fired for a sales issue. When you’re on hold for 30 minutes to a department you need to help the customer with someone else’s mistake, you should not be held responsible for call handle time or for lack of sales because they did not plan properly!!! But they will!!!

To top it all off they just merged with another company that is four times their size. That is scheduled for conversion in July. I can’t even imagine what will happen then. It will be worse than this last one. Of course I won’t be there. Because they don’t support their employees!!!

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  1. I can't even begin to imagine. Frustrating doesn't even begin to describe what must be going on.