Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My Addictions

One of my bloggy buddies posted recently about herself that I found very interesting. So I thought I’d “borrow” her post. You should really check out Momma Fargo. She’s a tough female cop in the Wild West and she’s one funny storyteller. Really, check her out!

Anywho….she was writing about what shows she watches. It turns out we have similar interests. You see, I love crime shows. I can’t really get enough of them. Of the fiction shows, Law & Order Criminal Intent, and Criminal Minds are probably the most interesting to me. The ones just for fun would have to be NCIS, CSI, In Plain Sight, and The Mentalist.

Now the true crime shows? I’m ALLLLLLLLLL over those. The First 48, Disappeared, Cold Blood, Main Street Mysteries, 48 Hours Mystery, and more that I can’t name are my drugs of choice. I cannot find enough of them to soothe my soul. I just keep thinking they have to show more crimes on tv.

We really should not forget the reality shows. Yes, I watch those too. The Amazing Race, Survivor, Biggest Loser, and of course, American Idol are my faves. It’s just too much fun.

So what shows do you watch? I know one blogger who shares my devotion of Criminal Minds. You should check her out too. She seems to have a lot of Crazy Daze and Nite Dreams.


  1. I tend to watch Bravo's Housewives (although not all of the cities) more religiously than anything else. Law & Order too, but they have too many children as victims and that's upsetting to me.

    I have forgotten about Idol the past two weeks, must be because Casey got voted off...

  2. My oh my. Thanks for reminding me of my love of Criminal Minds. hubba-hubba. Love me my boyfriend. And he just signed a contract for another year. phew. I was a little nervous.

    Love Amazing Race and L&O SVU. I love all of those real murder shows too. I knew we had a lot in common

  3. we've got similar taste. just watched a CSI last night bout a faux kid napping that involved the cover up of a child death.

    I am getting into "The Voice" just watched the battle rounds, so soo good. I have been a devout Idol fan, but this Voice Show killz!