Friday, April 22, 2011

Sarcasm Has Vacated The Premises

I know! I know! The sarcasm has left my site or sight. Works both ways doesn't it? Well, I hope that ends soon. I've decided to share more of my photos since I don't seem to be able to write. We'll see how you like these. I have comments for all, as usual.

I love trains. I get to take many photos of this one as it is near my home.

Yes, we had a snow storm earlier this week. This is taken near the river right after it stopped. Except for the fact that is was very heavy snow, it was beautiful.

Do you think he was bashful or just playing hard to get?

This is Maddy the Boxer. And this, is her normal position.

The water has been so high the critters are being found in places they don't normally stay. On the bank instead of some distant spit of land. I'd say this guy was having a bit of bad hair day though.


  1. What an awesome eye you have. I have enough sarcasm for both of us until you think you've gotten your mojo back. How I wish I could take pictures like that !! Have a great Saturday.

  2. I love the black and white snow photo. Even tho I'm sick and tired of snow.

    Looking forward to the return of your sarcasm