Sunday, March 13, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

More fun on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Challenge yourself!

Vanishing Point

I love this shot. The long line of cars exactly alike is unusual for this line.

Square Crop/Format (Exploring with a Camera prompt)

I'm still not sure this is what the category was asking for, but this is my interpretation.

Under (next Paper Heart Camera theme)

This bridge runs across the Mississippi between my town and Minnesota.

"Welcome to the Jungle"

It is hard to explain what this is like when someone brings food. It is survival of the fittest baby.

Calm (suggested by Mommy Rachelle)

It's amazing how quiet it gets when is snows. Very peaceful. And, yes, this was taken March 7, 2011. Did I tell you I was in Wisconsin? We still have snow on the ground.

Next week's categories...

Camera Phone


  1. Love your train photo! Great idea for under.

  2. Really great shots this week. The vanishing point I'm jealous as I've not been able to get a train shot like that....YET....Love the POV of under and your square crop is very creative.

  3. Very cool shots. I like your vanishing point one :D And calm looks familiar. Gotta love the midwest :D

  4. I loved your under shot - I love the angles and lines - and the editing is beautiful

  5. Your calm shot is truly calming. I think falling snow and the moments shortly thereafter are some of the most calming times for me. I enjoy grabbing a book, sitting by the fire with the blinds open and reading.
    Thank you for the shots!

  6. Great work - I Love your shot for vanishing point.

  7. Very nice pictures! Love your UNDER!

  8. Great shots, love your vanishing point and the ducks!

  9. ALL great shots...really love your take on under :)

  10. All great shots! I'm super impressed. Vanishing point is my fav!

  11. Great photos! I really love that first one. I need to find time to get my photo mojo back, love playing on the photo challenges.