Sunday, March 27, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

More fun on the Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Challenge yourself! I had fun with this week's prompts.


At this time of year it is easy to find decay. Old trees and plants that were frozen all winter are now decaying and providing food to new growth.

Groups of 3

These are my three favorite hats. They have all been worn at different times for different reasons. The leather hat on the bottom has been at camp in the Rockies and at Little League games in the Midwest. My kids have hated it in both places. The phrase, "Mom you're embarrassing me (us)" has been heard many, many times.


Okay, I know the suggestion is a self portrait. Here's the problem. I don't take photos of myself.....ever. So you will have to enjoy a photo of an interesting piece of driftwood that hangs in my kitchen. I know, I'm a spoil sport.

Things that make you go hmmmm....

This is an archived photo from last October. During Oktoberfest in our town, a large amount of alcohol is consumed. My question for this person is simple. How much alcohol must you consume to forget to find a porta potty?

"Me" Time

My three favorite authors are in this photo. Oh how I wish I had time to read them.

And next week's categories are....

High Key
Something Tiny
Off in the Distance


  1. I don't think your hats are embarrassing. I like them! And the driftwood on the orange wall looks great.

  2. Oh good grief, how could one just stand there and pretend like it did not happen!?

  3. Hmmmm indeed. Made me laugh. Thank you. Love your group of 3 too-a girl can never have too many hats!

  4. ok, so you definitely had to pull out that shot from the archives - how could you not?

  5. Great thought provoking pics! Love the hats and books.

    The pee one...the thought that went through my mind was ...
    Oh crap...but he I was way off the mark. Good thing pics don't have a scratch and sniff with them.

    Have a great Sunday!

  6. Oh MY! That is quite a shot for Hmmmm- one would have to consume quite a bit to get to the point of not even caring

  7. I'm just going to go ahead and hope that person sat on a water balloon or embarrassing!!

  8. Strange looks I get from the boys in my house, while laughing at the "pee" photo! Super job! Loved me some "Full Dark. No Stars"

  9. I don't know why I can't get into scavenger hunt lately but my mojo isn't working or something. Now, your photos are awesome. I love the hat one.

  10. HEHEHE!!! I love the "HMMM", it made me smile!

  11. Ummmm. Not only NOT to find a port a potty, but to still stick around with your pants like that.

    I'm 40 (nearly) but I still remember having accidents as a child (I promise, it was when I was 3) and how heavy your pants felt.


    Thanks for sharing. Loved it!