Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lessons in Life Pt.1

So here’s a lesson for all of you who have dogs. Your dog has the potential to bite someone. No matter how much you believe they wouldn’t, there is always the possibility. I have a story for you that will, hopefully, give you “paws”.

A long time ago, in a galaxy, or lifetime, far, far away lived the best dog ever. (It was 1992).Her life started out rather rough. She was forced to have many litter of puppies before she was able to escape, or was dumped, with a couple of her puppies along a busy highway. Luckily for her, someone took pity on her after she had been hit by a car. The poor baby’s right foot had been crushed.

Not only was she in danger of losing her leg, she was also dangerously thin. You see, she was a boxer. She should have weighed between 50 and 60 pounds. She weighed only 16. She was a pitiful sight. She should have been a robust and healthy dog as boxers tend to be nicely stout. It didn’t matter though. She was a happy, friendly, and resilient dog.

For the next couple of weeks she was nursed back to health by a wonderful vet who made sure her leg was saved, she was fed, and she wouldn’t have to endure more litters of pups. She had done her part in the procreation of her breed. It was time for her to retire. She was a mere 3 years old.

After she rebounded, she was given to the local animal shelter with the hope she would find a home. As the vet tech left, she told them to call her if no one adopted her. She couldn’t see such a nice dog being euthanized. They promised they would, but it’s a good thing she called to check up. The wonderful survivor was next on the list to be euthanized. The vet tech rushed down to the shelter to rescue her and take her home. She decided she could find a home for the little girl she called, “Baby”. Little did she know what lay in store for Baby.

To be continued......

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  1. Well, yes, they CAN all bite, although some breeds sure do it a lot more and a lot worse than others. Also, small dogs tend to bite more than big dogs. Now that my own Bonnie Blue Heeler is getting old and blind, she needs help just getting around the house, but will she let Peggy help her? Oh, no, Bonnie Blue Heeler will bite Peggy--hard--so I'm the one who has to help the poor old thing (Bonnie, not Peggy) find her food bowl, go potty, and get out the door for her daily walk. Now, Bonnie would always bite, and she will sometimes snap at me even, but unlike pit bulls, she bites once, and then she stops. Otherwise, she would have been a dead dog about 13 years ago.