Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lessons in Life Pt 4

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All she could think of was there were two strangers in camp and they were too close to her kids. The normally friendly, bouncy Boxer was prepared to fiercely defend her territory and its inhabitants. She changed in an instant. Those boys never stood a chance.

By sheer chance, the first boy she went after moved ever so slightly and managed to sidestep her. The second one was not so lucky. He only managed to move enough so Georgie only grabbed hold of his pants leg. Luckily, the man who first brought her home was there. He was shocked but fast. He had never seen her like this. He managed to grab her as she tried again. She was still growling and snarling as he pulled her away.

Never again did that sweet, bouncy, Boxer baby go after another human. She lived the rest of her life with the family who loved her so. The day she left them was a warm August day. Most of the family was home that day. The little handicapped girl who adored her, welcomed and wanted her from the second she laid eyes on her, loved on and petted her for about 20 minutes before deciding she was tired and wanted a nap. The ever caring Georgie waited for her to fall asleep.

A few minutes later Georgie laid her head down for the last time. She had given the little girl the best gift of all. She let her say goodbye.

The reason I told you this story is because that little Boxer girl never once harmed anyone. There was only one time she ever went after a human or animal and that was the one incident in camp. Until that time I would have said she would never do anything like that. No one can guarantee their dog would not harm anyone. Georgie was proof of that.

To this day, Georgie is referred to as the best dog ever. Even the extended family members talk about her and she has been gone since 2001. She and Amanda were thick as thieves and I have a lot of pictures to prove it. What it meant was that if you found one of them you could bet the other one was close. Georgie had a wonderful life with a family who loved her and a family she loved. Can you tell she’s been on my mind?

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  1. That was the sweetest story ever. To love an animal as Georgie was loved, is so rewarding.