Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lessons in Life Pt. 2

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A couple of weeks later, the nice lady vet tech met her Schwann’s salesman outside and Baby was right there with her. The ice cream man fell in love with Baby and soon was staying longer at the house just to play with her. Sometimes no one was home and he would just leave the orders in the freezer on the porch but he always took the time to play with Baby.

One day he was talking to the nice rescuer and told her if she ever needed to find a home for her, he would be more than happy to give her one. At that moment, Baby’s fate was sealed. The nice rescuer told him she was looking for a home that the most awesome Baby could finish out her days. That’s when the ice cream man called his wife and told her he was bringing her home.

Later that night, when he arrived home, the kids were all in bed and the only one still up was the ice cream man’s wife. When she saw Baby, she fell in love. Baby was beautiful and friendly. She just knew the kids would love her too. Of course, it would be a surprise for them. And it was a surprise to the parents the next morning.

Right before 6am, the ice cream man and his wife were shocked awake by the terrified screams of their children. They were blood curdling. They were convinced someone was trying to kill their children. As they arrived at the door, they were met by the most hilarious sight. Baby was doing her best Boxer bounce and snort all in rhythm. She had it down to a science.

The four children in the bunk beds were in various emotional states. The oldest three were screaming at the top of their lungs, but the smallest one was not making a sound. Instead, she was tearing at her blankets desperately trying to get them off. She was alternately trying to grab Baby and get out of the bed. The mutual admiration society had been founded and Baby’s life would never be the same. She had just found her forever family. The oldest three soon realized that Baby was the greatest thing ever.

For the next few weeks Baby adjusted to life with a boisterous family. She soon became a fixture because everywhere the family went, Baby went too. Visitors to the house soon fell in love with her. She was welcomed by the extended family and visited their homes too. Baby was finally getting the attention and love she deserved.

The next step in Baby’s life came with her name. Since Boxers are not known for being dainty or delicate, the family decided her name shouldn’t be either. Although it took some time, her name became obvious. It was Georgie; a name still revered today. The goofy, rambunctious, and loveable little girl had solidified her place in history.

To be continued……

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  1. Can NOT wait to hear what happened to Georgie. Have a suspicion it doesn't end well, but I still want to hear the rest of the story.