Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lesson in Life Pt. 3

For the beginning of the story, go here. For the second part, check it out here.

For the next few years, Georgie continued to be part of the family that loved her so much. During that time the family moved to a small town in wonderful Wyoming. Now the little Boxer girl named Georgie didn’t know what to make of her surroundings. She had never been anywhere in the wide open like that. She also knew she didn’t much like dirt. Until the move, the wonderful family had kept her in town where there was lots of grass and not much snow. Wyoming was very different.

There, the family participated in all the things that families do when the kids are growing up. They played in Little League, were Cub Scouts and Girl Scouts. Georgie was a lucky girl. She was able to go on all the adventures her family experienced. She truly was a part of the family. One of their favorite activities was camping. Georgie wasn’t too sure about this new thing.

One of the children was handicapped so she sat in camp with one of her parents quite a bit. In order to make her more comfortable and warm, they picked up one of those little recliners for kids. She was, after all, small for her age. To help her stay warm, her parents wrapped her in sleeping bag and she was cozy. Georgie kept noticing that sleeping bag would eventually have about a foot and a half that lay on the ground in front of her. That was perfect for Georgie. She didn’t think lying on the dirt was a proper place for a princess such as herself. Besides, she wanted to stick as close as she could to the little girl who welcomed her so warmly the very first moment she saw her.

One Fourth of July the family decided to make it really long weekend. Georgie watched as they set up camp along with other friends of theirs. Georgie was ecstatic with all the kids in camp. She didn’t know whether to lie down or follow the kids everywhere. She finally settled on the corner of the blanket that kept slipping away. Soon she was snoring loudly just like a good Boxer will.

Then it happened. From somewhere near the creek two high school age boys popped into camp. Georgie’s senses suddenly came alive. There was a potential threat to her kids and that threat was in camp.

To be continued……

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