Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm A Law Breaker

(Sorry everyone! I have another repost. I don't seem to have much time these days.)

Yes, I’m a law breaker. Let me explain. I take a lot of photos so it isn’t unusual for me to find a place to drive around, usually a park or campground. We have a place called Goose Island not far from town that’s a really neat place to go. It has winding roads that meander through the park. There are places to pull over that I take frequent advantage of because I always see something that I “need” to take a photo of. I learned today what a terrible person I have been.

Because I say meander, I really do mean meander. I drive slowly through the park, just enjoying the peaceful surroundings. It gives me the opportunity to see more and find a photo op. Here’s the drawback. OTHER DRIVERS!!! Apparently there is an unwritten law that says you are not allowed to slow down and enjoy the view. It gives the law abider the right to tailgate the law breaker. It gives them the right to drive a monster ass truck and run their bumper right up to bumper of the “going too slow” driver. They are allowed to do this for as long as the slow driver is in front of them.

When the slow driver pulls over to let them go around, they are then allowed to flip off the one who pulled over. I believe it’s to teach them a lesson about the effects of slow driving. In addition to flipping off the slow drivers, they are also supposed to give them an extremely irritated and dirty look that is intended to shame them into driving faster. They can even be seen mouthing filthy words to the one who is disrupting their safe and enjoyable drive. I will have to do some research, but I believe it is also a requirement as part of the slow driver’s punishment. If I find out any new info, I’ll be sure and let you know.

I think the lesson we should all take from this is quite simple folks. DO NOT slow down and enjoy the scenery or life. Just drive as fast as you can through life and you’ll be just fine.


  1. LMAO!

    I almost came to a complete stop the other day trying to take a photo of a burning house....morbid, right?

    But I refrained and drove by...

  2. It won't be me I drive slow in parks too.

  3. There are A LOT of crazies behind the wheel - and many think it's a Formula One race the minute the start their engine - fuck the park! It's sad.