Saturday, February 26, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's time for another edition of Scavenger Hunt Sunday with Ashley at Ramblings and Photos. Come on! Join in! Have some fun looking at life from a different view. I know I do. I've had a harder time finding time this week. I'm almost done with the internship so I'm looking forward to the end and being able to really join in this challenge with full gusto. Here are my entries this week.

Capture the sky

The morning sky on Saturday.


I am always on my computer. At work and for school.


My monkey's little tuft.


This little plant in my window is a tough guy. Even blooms in the winter.


Same Saturday morning sky, just through a car window.

And next week's list....

Book (next Paper Heart Camera theme)
Fill in the Blank: When I think about how ______________ is in the _______________, I just have to ______________. (ACoLab inspiration)
A Taste of Italy (Lindsay's suggestion)
Reminders (Lindsay's suggestion)

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  1. Your last shot is really interesting - almost looks like a tornado.