Saturday, February 19, 2011

Internships and What To Watch For

I am livid right now. And livid is the only word I can come up with that even closely resembles how much I’m feeling right now. Here’ the low down.

I know you all have been informed about the hours I’m trying to put in to finish my internship. Hence the lack of posts. I have been putting in some very long hours and days in before the deadline that is fast approaching. That means 12 hour days at least 3 days a week and 6 days a week it’s at least 10. This does not include the hours I need to spend on school work associated with the internship. Needless to say, it’s rather brutal.

Today I had to call my student advisor. Why, you ask? Let me tell you. The only things I’ve done for the internship are filing and cleaning. Did I tell you what I’m supposed to have for my Associate’s? I will have a Medical Office Administration degree. That means a business MANAGEMENT degree. Anyone can clean and anyone can file. Okay so an illiterate person could not. You know what I mean.

The first reason I am so incensed is that I am paying them for my internship. No I am not giving them money. I have student loans that I will have to pay back after I can finish school. So when I start to pay this back, part of it will be for my internship. That means roughly $25,000+ for a degree and I am cleaning.

The second reason is that I am not learning anything. An internship is required for a reason. It is to make sure the student has learned something from real world experience. Well all I’m doing is grunt work. And it’s just so they don’t have to work so hard. Thursday was a perfect example.

It was a very slow day. Not many patients came in. I went in at 9:30 and was there till 6:00. My list of things to do included vacuuming, pulling files, and putting files away. When I got there, the girl that was supposed to be working with me was online shopping. And, yes, she was excited about it. I know, because she told me all about it.

The morning progressed fairly slowly with me dusting and filing. Then I’m told lunch will be from 12-1 at which time I would not be able to stay there because no one would be there. Okay, so I can somewhat deal with that. Before we left though, I was informed I would be vacuuming when I came back. Nice, huh?

When I got back, the second girl showed up and immediately they decide they were leaving to go to the pawn shop because there were no patients until 2:30. The best time to work and train someone is when there isn’t a steady stream of patients. I know because I’ve trained people.

They just added insult to injury because at the end of the day, they complained about what they didn’t get done and they were scrambling to finish the work they had most of the day to finish. I did not feel one bit sorry for them. They brought it on themselves by screwing around all day and not doing what they were being paid for.

Did I tell you I called my student advisor? I think she may be as ticked off as I am. I’m not sure what is going to happen next. The office signed a contract to teach me for my internship and so far they have not fulfilled their part of the bargain. I’m killing myself trying to get this finished and this is what I get. I’m glad I called my advisor. She will be speaking to them as soon as they return her call. I’m not sure I would want to be on the receiving end of that call. She did not sound happy when I told her what was going on.

We’ll see what happens now. I’ll have to let you know.

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  1. Oh my hell. She needs to get you to a better office. And oh, how I wish I could be on the phone as the "recorded for learning purposes".