Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm Dying Here

Okay not literally. But it feels like it when it comes to writing. I can’t seem to find anything truly interesting to put on paper. So you may get a rambling post that makes no sense. Oh, that’s right, I never have anything to say anyway. So you’re all used to it by now.

I pulled a good one this evening. I left my coffee mug at work. You know, the one you always take to work with that lifeblood you need every morning? What was I thinking? Oh yeah, I just got my bill. Sorry, inside joke in a call center. So I’m thinking I’ll have to pull out the old Starbucks mug and that scares me. I’m afraid I’ll leave it too. Now that would be a crime.

I love coffee. I mean there should be a law requiring every person in the world to have at least one cup a day. I have a minimum of two. If I could drink it all day and night I would but I would never sleep if I did that. That’s just my opinion. I know you’ll agree with me. Why wouldn’t you?

So here is the random photo today. Don’t ask me why, but Sock was asking to be shot. So I obliged.


  1. I love ramblings and shit that makes no sense! woot! lol

    I love coffee too, but couldn't drink that shit like water...hell I don't drink water lol

  2. I hate coffee almost as much as I hate Brussels Sprouts. Can we still be friends?

  3. LOL @ the sock monkey..The Boss just got one for Teenie Queenie for V-day. Too cute.

    I've recently started drinking coffee..and I could drink it day and night..but it never seems to 'wake me up.' Gah!