Saturday, January 22, 2011

What Is Marriage Supposed To Be?

The fact is, I don’t know. I’ve listened to all the opinions and read all the books about how it’s supposed to go, but I don’t think that’s the reality. My experience tells me that all men are basically selfish and they don’t really care how their wife feels. It doesn’t mean they are selfish with everyone.

Their kids are different. They will do things for their kids while they are telling their wives they don’t get anything. They don’t have to do anything for their wife and the reason they don’t have to is simple. It’s because they do everything else. What else do they do? Let’s look at that.

They run a snow blower for 30 minutes tops when it snows. When the car needs worked on, they will do that, but they will complain the whole time. They will happily let someone else put their car in the garage and help them fix it. They will complain if you don’t have food in the house while they come home after work and make sure the chair in the garage is kept warm by their heat coming off their derriere.

In exchange for all these “other things” they do, the wife is supposed to do all the cooking. If she works 40 hours a week it doesn’t matter. No one else is supposed to cook. If it isn’t something that can be thrown in the microwave or something that can be slapped between two pieces of bread, it is inedible and cannot be touched. It doesn’t matter that the wife gets home not long before the husband, she is still the only one expected to fix supper. After all, she owes it to him.

She will also do all the cleaning. This includes all the floors that everyone else walks on and she is responsible for the bathroom. Even if she is the only female in the house, she is also the only one who must clean the urine that ends up on the floor because others are too lazy to make sure they don’t dribble all over the floor in front of the toilet. It doesn’t matter that the wife must use the same toilet because the additional toilet that was supposed to be installed has not been done since moving into the house almost five years ago.

So let’s recap. If a wife works 40 hours a week, is trying to earn a degree, and is still trying to finish an internship, she owes the husband more. And, by the way, he must constantly remind her that she owes him because there is no possibility she could remember that every day. Going to work, blowing snow, and once in a while working on the wife’s car is MORE than enough to balance out the relationship.

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