Friday, January 21, 2011

The Last Two Days


My last two days have been miserable. It actually started on Wednesday night. The coughing started and would not let up. It was pretty miserable trying to sleep and I didn’t really succeed. The spells would come on very quickly and then I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep. Then around 2 AM, another issue became very annoying.

I started vomiting like a volcano. It would not stop! Talk about a party that no one wants to attend. I sure didn’t want to be there. That continued until about noon. What a blast!!!

I even tried to go to work but when I got there, my supervisor thought I might not be the best for the phones. It is a call center and I would have to deal with customers while trying to keep my cookies down. The sup and I felt it was not worth it. So I turned around and went home.

I thought I was getting better on Thursday night. I was able to eat a couple of crackers and some toast. None of which came back up. I thought all was well until about 4 AM when the coughing returned. And that wasn’t all of it. I could not get warm. I mean all I did was shiver. I even had my heaviest and warmest comforter on and doubled and it wasn’t enough. I even had the heating pad on high and still no relief.

Then the stomach started all over again. For two and a half hours I was at it again. What a couple of days. Do you know what the worst part is? I got a flu shot for the first time in my life this year. FIRST EVER FLU SHOT AND I GET THE FLU!!! Obviously it was a different strain, but still. I received the message loud and clear. NO MORE WASTING MY MONEY ON A FLU SHOT!!!

At least this evening has been better. No stomach issues and the cough seems to have subsided as long as I don’t talk or lay down. Gee, I wonder how tonight will go?


  1. o my!!! i hope you get better fast.. being sick sucks and throwing up on top of that just blows.. hope your back to yourself super soon

  2. I'm so sorry. I'm glad you're feeling better tonight. I hope you get some sleep.

  3. Oh that sucks! I had a bug like that a couple weeks ago and it is AWFUL!!!! And you are not the first person I have heard who has gotten the flu shot and ended up sick with a strain of the flu. That is why I don't get one! Hope you get some sleep and feel better soon!

    :) Rachel

  4. you know, it's like whatever strains they get in the flu shot, there is a worse strain out there that they didn't. You poor thing. I hope you get feeling better.

  5. OH em GEE poor you! Last year was the first year since I can remember that I got the flu shot and hubs and Baby did too we all got sick and the year baby was born no flu shot and then last year we give it to him ends up with god knows what and coughinga nd puking it was horrible this year we decided to chance it and NOT give him the flu shot and he got acold wich lasted less than a week ( bout 4 days) that included coughing mucous and the whinyness but way better than the 3 weeks of torture and coughing from last years fell better babe! Get lots of fluid and rest