Sunday, January 16, 2011

Respect Or Lack Thereof

Is anyone aware that I can control the universe? I’ve been told by others that I must control those around me. Of course, those around me expect me to control all the rest of the universe. Am I completely off my rocker or is it impossible for me to control the world around me? If there is something different, please tell me.

I would like to set some things straight. You see, there are things that others do to me that I do not do to anyone else. I am only human so once in a great while I slip with one of these, but it is only directed at those I feel deserve it and it is never to their face. It isn’t that I think I’m somehow better than them, but it just doesn’t do anyone any good and accomplishes nothing. That would be name calling.

Who does it help? If anything, all it does it anger and hurt the other person more than it’s worth. But, apparently, it’s okay to say things about me and to me that the people using these terms the same people would not take from me. What, do you ask, might that be? Let me tell you.

I have been accused of being lazy. I’ve been called an e--ing b---h. I’ve been accused of sitting around and just thinking up ways to be angry and cause problems. I have my head taken off because I don’t say the exact right thing and people always think the worst of me first. I beg to differ on what, or who, I am.

Let’s discuss the lazy idea. I had four kids. I was not the best housekeeper, but the kids were fed and they were happy. They joined all the activities they wanted to or we could afford, and some we couldn’t, and I helped with most of those. I was a Girl Scout leader, a Den Mother, a Cub Master, (yes), a Little League coach and Safety Officer. I have been the taxi driver for more activities than I listed above.

During all this time, I had a special needs little girl who required a lot of extra time and energy since she spent a lot of time at home from school because she couldn’t really handle a cold, let alone anything else big. Her energy levels made her very tired and unable to attend school all the time. In other words, she spent more time at home than most kids. It made it difficult to work, or shall I say keep a job, when you work for a couple of months then your daughter has to stay home for two weeks. Employers don’t care for that. Finding daycare for a special needs child is a completely different post. It is almost impossible.

The person who called me the name? Suffice it to say, I have NEVER called that person anything in the realm of a nasty name, but, I suppose it’s okay to do that to me. This person also likes to think the worst of me first and take my head off. I have never given this person any reason to think that as loyalty is extremely important to me. I guess I can’t change everyone’s mind.

Although I don’t have kids at home any more, I do have a lot going on. I work full time, am trying to finish an internship, and I’m in school for my Bachelor’s. None of this allows me to just do nothing, sit around on my butt and cause problems. People need to get over themselves.

The only reason this post came about is because I’ve had enough. I do not deserve what I get from others most of the time. I don’t disrespect them and I expect to not be disrespected. Enough is enough. If these people want to think that, let them. I won’t be around to hear it.


  1. Is this person the same one that has called you a bad mother in the past? It is making me all sorts of upset that people are such two faced pieces of shit. honestly. I want to hurt whoever is saying this about you.

  2. That person sounds like they are on crack. Four kids and you are still alive, young, and beautiful. Give me a break! You are a super star!