Friday, January 14, 2011

My Week

Have I ever told you how much other drivers irritate me? Well the last time I went to the store, almost no one was there. I was able to park fairly close to the front doors and since it was after work, I was really tired and thought this was great. That was until I came back outside.

I was putting my groceries in my car when another car pulled in. With all the other parking spaces open, they chose to park directly in front of mine. Really? So you force me to reverse when both of us could have just pulled away without trying to maneuver around monster piles of snow. Are you serious? Was that necessary? All I can say is you are extremely rude and I think it should happen to you because then you will understand. I guess I have such an electric personality that even my car exudes the come hither look. That would NOT be the case with you.

Which does not explain my more than mundane life. I now have to figure out how to work full time, fulfill my internship requirements, and do additional schoolwork. It is almost getting to be more than I can take. As I write this, I’m thinking I should be writing a paper for school, but I can only do so much. On top of going to school online, everything I do at work is on a computer. At work I’ve been going through training which has required several weeks of looking at a screen all day. It has become very tedious.

Some days I just feel old. I know, you're shocked and think I've lost my mind for even considering that prospect. Maybe you're right. Well I know you are. Why else you be reading this?


  1. I HATE grocery parking! HATE HATE HATE !!! A couple weeks ago, we were at the store, and came out, put all our groceries away and JUST as I got to my door, the lady parked next to us opened her door. Which blocked me from being able to get into the car at all considering the back was full of groceries!!! She didn't even get into her car, she just opened the door and left it open FOR NO REASON. Needless to say, I slammed her door shut for her....

  2. I've been wondering how your new job was treating you... hang in there the school will one day come to an end and then what? You'll be bored (ha! never...)

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  3. whenever I am in a parking lot and have intentions to pull thru, it almost never fails, someone will park in front of me when the entire parking lot is empty. It seriously enrages me, which is kind of stupid, but COME ON the whole parking lot is empty.