Sunday, January 23, 2011

I'm Sizzling!

Oh yeah!!! Nanny at Naughty Mommy Reviews & Junk thinks I'm hot. Well she is too so I'm honored that she thinks I am too. She has great reviews of all the "toys" you will ever need. Trust me, you'll love going to her site. She sizzles way more than I do.

The rules are simple. Make a post with the badge and nominate 5 other sexy blogs. It's as easy as that. I think I can handle that. Ok so I will only award it to one blog. I've been sick. What do you expect? So here goes!

Rockin' Mama - I found her through one of the hops I do and let me tell you...She is smokin'!!! So check her out now. Cause I said so.

PS. The blogs don't have to be adult reviewing or oriented, but should be sexy or at least comfortable posting the button.


  1. Congrats! I think I've heard of that rockin' bitch... ummm... YES, I have and I agree. LOL.

  2. you are super hot. you totally deserved it.

  3. Congrats love!

    Gonna go visit your new chick...She's not going to replace me I hope? ;)

  4. No problem we understand you only giving it to one person and Great Choice! I love seeing who other people give this award to. :)