Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Has Anybody Considered Not Helping?

I don't normally just take a pseudo celebrity apart but this is one person who needs to face the consequences of her actions. And I'm not talking about Lindsay Lohan. I'm talking about the Octomom, Nadya Suleman. She is extremely irresponsible.

At the time she decided to have the last round of in vitro fertilization, she already had 6, yes 6, children at home. All of them had been conceived through in vitro. Well she just continues to make the news and not for the good.

Apparently she bought a house with the help of her father and she can't make the payments. She does not work and she is on welfare. Before anyone thinks that I'm blasting people on welfare, don't think it. There are people out there who need help especially now. My beef is with the situation Ms Suleman is in.

She has 14 children that were conceived by in vitro, has no job, and can't pay a mortgage on a house most of us would kill to have. And once again, she may have someone else to bail her out of the situation. When does it stop and when does she have to "face the music?" The rest of us would have already had to.


  1. i really think she has issues!! she has managed to have 14 kids with no job [ who the hell paid for all this invitro] companies are willing to help her left and right for no reason.. how bout she gets a real job and learns to deal with her situation on her own and with out being in the limelight!!! Some people need more help than she does and cant get it because of people like her!! Ughh she is disgusting to me and lets add in there that her getting plastic surgery isnt cute either.. Some one needs to smack some reality into her warped mind

  2. came to join your linky today but it's closed already :(

    I totally agree about octomom! If she loves kids that's great, but it's not very responsible to keep having invitro when she has no way to support them. And where is she getting the money to have the procedure in the first place? The fact is as a parent she needs to have the stress and fears of facing failure without someone to bail her out.
    That's how we (everyone) learn, by facing our fears and failures and coming up with stratigies is how we grow as a person!

  3. Oh dear fucking Christ!!! This kind of shit makes me want to shove toothpicks under my fingernails just so I have something slightly more irritating to think about!

  4. Until people stop watching her stupid reality shows, and the newspeople stop doing stories about her, she will stay in the limelight. It's reminds of when Paris Hilton was always in the news, and finally they decided to not to do so many stories on her and it has been great.

  5. I really thought there was a screen process for invitro. What kind of quality of life are those kids going to have let alone having her (sarcasm) shining example to live up to. Makes me sad and the bailing out is ridiculous, enough said.

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