Sunday, January 2, 2011

Big Mouth of the Month

Yes, it's better late than never. It is time for the Big Mouth Award for December 2010. So who ended up with it? Read on to find out.

Let's first start with the Honorable Mentions. These are the ones who regularly comment and give the top two a run for their money. I love them! Here they are!

Nanny atNaughty Mommy Reviews
Ange at Names Won't Be Changed
Ladii Aponti at Through My Eyes

The first runner is so close this month it came down to the last two days of the month. Yeah, they love this. You should check her out.

Congrats Envii at Life Is Written In Permanent Ink!!!

And now for the Big Mouth of the Month and a most awesome one at that. Never miss her. I know I don't. I don't comment enough on hers but she is very worthy of reading.

Dazee Dreamer at Crazy Daze and Nite Dreams takes the last monthly award for the year. Congrats Dazee! I look forward to another year with you and I predict 2011 will be a great one.

There is more to come for the Big Mouth of the Year. Yeah, there was one.


  1. Being that Dazee is one of my favorite bitches EVER... I guess I'll let her live. But only if I'm 'Big Mouth of the Year'.

    No pressure or anything hooker!

    Following your blog!
    Please follow back!
    If you could follow me on Facebook, that would be great!
    The Dad!