Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Storm Has Arrived

These show what it looked like last night and then this morning.Travel conditions are a little iffy. I love snow.


  1. It's just too bad that snow looks pretty in pictures. I like it ok, but not when you get a big storm every other day.

  2. ugh I hope the snow waits till late feb to make an appearance when I lived further south VA it snowed but never stuck around last year in NOrthern VA we were snowed inwith 2 blizzards with no heat damn landlord, I hope its a light snowy winter this year lol Love your pix but wheres the tree???

  3. Looks kinda like that here too...I hate it...Don't think it's attractive or festive...I hate it, HATE HATE HATE it. I miss my swimsuit.