Saturday, December 25, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

It's time for a Scavenger Hunt once again. Join Ashley, at Ramblings and Photos, for some blog hopping fun. I know I am.

Family (next week's Paper Mama theme

This one was taken MANY years ago and it's still one of my favorites for obvious reasons.

Motion Blur (December 2010 Photo Hunt Item)

Pretty Package (Kelly's Suggestion)

Glow (Kelly's Suggestion)

Sparkle (Kelly's Suggestion)


  1. LOVE your family shot - remind me of many shots I've taken over the years...or rather shots that I've been in. Great work!

  2. Great photos especially that first one - I remember days like this with my kids when they were younger only we didn't have a digital camera those days to capture those moments.

  3. oh my gosh. Loved that family shot. And that motion blur. Such cute kids.

    I hope you had a really great christmas.

  4. Great shots. I love your family photo too.

  5. Lovin the fam, how fun! Love the blur, love the glow :) It's amazing how those little things can light up the night!

  6. Love that sparkle shot, the colors are great!