Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just A Quick Note

J at Babies, Boobies, & A Blog have decided to give Fawk You Friday a rest until after the New Year's. Sorry for the inconvenience. I know some of you really look forward to letting the fawks fly every Friday, but with the holidays we are pretty busy and we need a little time to regroup.

So go ahead and let the fawks fly if you need to. We still want to read your posts. We'll also let you know when it will be up and running again. Until then, keep a list by your bed, computer, and one in the kitchen. I'm sure you'll have an issue between now and then and we'll be waiting to have nice long posts when we resume production.

There will also be more posts to come from both of us so just sit back and have some fun. Until then, enjoy the holidays.


  1. Awww OK! Lol luckily we had a great week and they were gonna be some pretty sad excuses for Fawk Yous If I could manage to get any together... Have a great friday and weekend hun!

  2. I still Fawked You'd I really needed to vent. It's been the week from Hell around her, it's a wonder I still have all my hair and haven't kilt anyone.