Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frustration Is High

Today, the frustration level has reached a fevered pitch. Too many things have been thrown at me the last couple of days and for once I’m at my wits end. Usually I can write about it or just get past it. For some reason it isn’t working this time. Maybe because of the time of year, I don’t know. But yesterday I got hit with a couple of things.

It started with me finding out that my higher speed internet install had been delayed again because I was told we still needed fiber optic installed. This was the second time I had heard this. I kept saying we didn’t, I didn’t need that high of a speed. Then I got a text that told me the person I have my cell phone service through is threatening to shut off my phone. And not just mine. My kids and my friend are included in this little drama. And it’s all because she’s ticked off at my daughter for getting a job. My daughter can no longer watch her child so she’s upset and taking it out on all of us. Nice huh? That was not the end of my day either.

I was yelled at later that night because I want the higher speed internet and he does not understand why we need it. It is not important to him so we don’t need it. All I said at that time was, “Then I’ll just cancel it”. He got pissed because I said that. When I said he never considered things important that I did, he got even more upset and yelled at me. I just looked at him and told him not to yell. I’ve had it with that crap.

This morning I called to cancel the install on the internet. I knew someone would have to be home the whole day and there was no way I could guarantee that and I would have to arrange to have a day off so I could get it. I found out then that the only reason the install has been such an issue is that the person who took the order entered the wrong code. So I will now have waited two weeks to get it. I am not happy about that.

I’m still so frustrated with the whole phone thing that I’m just steaming. I’ve had that phone number for years and now I will probably lose it. Everything I have in my life revolves around that phone. Everyone has it from my family to the internship people, work, and school. And since we don’t have a house phone anymore, I would have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTACT WITH ANYONE unless I was on my computer. That means the family I have that lives 460 miles from me. That means my parents and my siblings. I can feel my blood pressure going through the roof and all I want to do is cry.

But I’m just supposed to get over it. Right! I’m just done with all of it.


  1. I'm sorry...sounds like your being hit all at once. I feel like that at this time of the year. I hope things look up soon

  2. I hope things turn around for you in the new year :)