Friday, November 19, 2010

The Holidays

I am trying to get myself psyched up for the crazy schedule I’ll be on soon. Between work, internship, and school, I’m sure it will be a rather busy time. Luckily it will start after Thanksgiving. It gives me some time to ramp up. Wish me luck! I may need it.

I think it will help me get through the season. It’s really hard sometimes because Amanda LOVED the holidays. She loved all the lights. I would have lights all over the place because she thought they were great. The tree is a story in itself. It goes up the day before Thanksgiving in honor of her. I love the smell of a fresh tree, but years ago I made the switch for her.

She wasn’t able to walk without assistance so she scooted around the house with one sock half hanging off her foot. And she was fast. You should have seen how fast she could move when she was mad. That hand was slapping the floor while she was moving and she was yelling “On” the time. That was her “No”. It was her version of the stomp off. We usually had to turn around to keep from laughing at her. Good times!

The artificial tree came about so she wouldn’t get stuck by pine needles. She spent an inordinate amount of time at the base of the tree. I always put candy canes on the tree for decoration and she would take them off from the bottom and as high as she could reach. She never ate them but she carried them around. Sometimes she would hide them. I guess she thought I wouldn’t notice. Right! I always put more on the tree so she could sneak them off again.

I still put candy canes on the tree and they still disappear. Now it’s the grandkids that take them. But they’re still small, so they can only reach so high. I miss peaking around the corner just to watch her. That smile could fix anything that ails you. If I could see it every day, I would never have another bad day. My kids understand this because they feel the same way. We miss her every day.


  1. You will do great managing that busy schedule, wheher you will be up for alot of Online Time cant promise you that I catch myself getting online just to shut the laptop and go to sleep at 10 pm so i can wake up and do it all over! Yesterday no class so luckily I wasnt so tired!

    Its nice that you still remember all those little things she used to do! Thats your baby and Only you can keep her memory alive with memories and stories about her especially around the holidays!

    I was asked yesterday about how my Babies were doing.. at first I thought the ladi was being dumb and said hes fine, then she proceeded with How old ARE THEY now im like I have 1 son, shes like Oh I thought You had twins, *Tear* I would have had twins I had a still Birth I guess she hadn't been around my Family in a while.

    Post pictures of your tree and share with us once you get it up and ready In her honor!

  2. Have you Started put up the tree yet? Dont forget to post pictures... I love christmas trees and decorations! We will probably be buying a fake one this year big enough for our bedroom lol cuz we are at my moms for the time being.