Friday, November 5, 2010

No Stop Button

Let me start this post with one thought for you all. I would NEVER say that my son is perfect. He has had some serious emotional issues that have led to some interaction with the law. All of it is misdemeanors. He hasn't been in trouble for over a year and is finally getting a handle on the emotional ups and downs he has had but he has had them. And I know this. So I do not excuse him for things he's done, but I do know it is changing for him. That's where the problem with the psycho comes in. She has not changed. She still blames everyone else and it causes more grief for all of us. Because of all the problems they have had, they are only to have phone contact regarding the kids. My son wants ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH HER. And I can't say that with enough emphasis. She has a problem with that. She wants control over him and she cannot have it.

So I guess I've had enough. I'm asking for your opinion. Not from the stalker, from those who actually can read and write. Maybe I've reached the point of needing to talk about the nasty people in my life. And it's one person. She can call others names, tell half truths or out and out lies, blame EVERYONE ELSE for all her problems, and still thinks she's perfect. I have so much documentation with other text messages, phone bills, and things she's done she technically could have been charged as a stalker. We chose not to pursue it because of the kids. She takes care of them physically though and we have no solid proof about her antics so there is no basis to get them away from her. She has made comments in the past about watching the house which is scary in that she's also burned a box of his clothes out in front of our house in the middle of the night. For those of you who are new to this blog, my son's car had over $2500 damage done to it by her and her sister. She says she didn't do it, but she admitted it to a couple of people. There were no charges because they all clammed up. They are probably afraid of her because they know what she's capable of.

I'm going to let you read this and tell me if it's her or me. These are all the text messages from my phone the other night. I can email these to myself so I have them all in a folder now. Yeah, I'm a little weird about folders. That's how I lost 3 months worth of photos too. I should have had them somewhere else. Anyway, let me know your opinion. Tell me if you think I'm a bad person.

Fwd: Bran would like to see the kids on Sunday. Time will depend on work hours.

He knows my # he can call me. Then & only then will we discuss it.

Then u will b waiting for a while

That shows his maturity & how much he DOESN'T care. It's his loss!

If u could stop yourself from repeatedly calling or texting it might b different. This isn't all his fault no matter what u think.

I'm not going to be pushed around & bullied by the two of you anymore! I'm sticking to what I've said. If he can't be bothered to call me then that's too bad

Suit yourself.

for him.

I won't be losing any sleep over it!

Of course u won't. And ur saying I can't see them either. Nice.

The way brandon feels about dealing with me is the way I feel about dealing with you. It's a two way street hunny. Deal with it.

U r a sad person and I really feel sorry for u.

Good! You should feel sorry for me! I have 2 kids with your son!

I'm sorry. U misunderstood. I feel sorry for the person u r.

(Several minutes later).....

I don't know why you would feel sorry for me being an amazing mother & father, hard worker with a great personality and don't forget beautiful =) I think the wo

rd you were looking for is JEALOUS!

See it took u a while to have a comeback. And u cant stand not having the last word.

actually if I had a third hand I would have done that while grocery shopping with 2 screaming children! I'm sorry shit talking with you is not one of my priorit

ies. Taking care of my children is always #1

But u have to have the last word because u r never wrong.

I see where brandon gets it. It's a damn shame he isn't more like Keith :( he would be a much better person if he were!

U don't know me at all.

Good I'm glad you agree!! It doesn't take much to know what you're all about! You're a two faced drama feen with a bad temper that is never genuinely happy abo

Lol! U must b looking in the mirror.

ut anything! Just like your son!

Wow that was a classic! I remember saying that when I was 7! Thanks for the time travel but I have to get back to reality now! Unlike you I have better things

to do! Why don't you go write a boring ass blog and twist everything that's been said here so you can get sympathy from your virtual friends! Sounds like a b

Last word. What did I tell u? So u r still stalking the blog.

last! LMFAO

U see? U have no Sri button. U r too easy.

I don't have time in my day for your petty story telling! It's really not that much of a thrill! Sorry but I'm just sayin!

So u r reading it. And u still can't stop.

Speaking of stalking its funny that you start trying to talk to me after I discovered & deleted a fake face book person!

It wasn't me. I don't get on there very often. Wrong person.

Nah I stopped awhile back! When you stopped talking about me all the time I got bored! If I have time I might check it out tomorrow! I'm sure you will have so

mething for me to laugh at! LOL by the way thanks for the cheap entertainment!

U still can't stop texting me tonight. Again no stop button.

That's ok I wouldn't admit to such a pathetically put together fake either!

My mom has never called me a psycho bitch either.

Mine either! LMAO

Actually she did. To me.

Why on earth would my mother say something so ridiculous to a complete stranger? It's just another one of your lame stories!
The kids and I will be getting ready for bed so my phone is going off. I'm so sad I would love to stay up and chat but life is calling me! Good night!

There you have it. To make it a little more understandable, you should also know that when she has my son's phone number, she calls and texts him repeatedly until his phone dies. And at all hours of the night. In other words, she has no stop button. She claims he is a bad father, but she makes it impossible for him to live when the phone is constantly going off and she is threatening him on top of it.

So let me know what you think. Good or bad. She will not let anyone see her blog. I think that says it all. If you are telling the truth, why won't you let anyone else see what you are saying?


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