Monday, November 22, 2010

News Flash! My Heart Stopped By Hail!

OK, so my heart almost stopped. I was not prepared for the hail this morning. My concern was for my car. (My daughter said she was startled by it at her house because she was sitting right next to a rather large window. I know, it sounds like I wasn't concerned for her, but she lives in her own house and I didn't know this until after the fact.)I didn’t put it in the garage last night so when the hail hit, I was nuts. Here’s the funny part about my car.

It is a ’95 Toyota 4Runner. Yes, it’s old. I live in the Upper Midwest so, yes, there is rust. BUT, (AND THIS IS A BIG ONE), there is not one, I mean, not one door ding on that car. And the interior is almost as good as the day it rolled off the assembly line.

And this morning it was hailed on. OMG!!!

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  1. wow, they look very big, we had a rain with hailsotens over here as well, but it was tiny comparing to what you had:)