Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Karma Please Come To My Town!

Everyone was getting in my way! There was the guy who had to have seen the “Right Lane Is Closed” sign and waited until the last second. Then he never looked at me even though I was right there and he shot over in front of me. Most of the time I would have let him go without thinking twice about it, but he never slowed down and he never looked at me. That told me he was not paying attention. Then he missed me by inches. Had he just hit the gas a little bit, he would not have been that close.

Then there were the inconsiderate drivers who messed up the shot I had of the beaver washing himself while sitting on a log. Yes, they just had to drive by after I got out of the car and the beaver hadn’t moved. I was almost ready to get the shot when six, yes count them six, vehicles drove by. Really? It was at that moment you all had to decide you were going to drive through the park? It was that necessary that the moment had to be then? Karma will come back to bite you. I promise it will.

Then we have the guy who decided to go 10mph when the speed limit, which I adhere to very strictly (:D), is 30mph. WTH!

I think Karma should come to my town and start making sure those that mess with me on the road, get the same treatment. Enough is enough!

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  1. Ugh.. I don't believe in karma anymore. Not since I found the evil bitch who bullied me from 1st grade on with Facebook and after 4 kids (2 of them twins) she's still a size 2 and gorgeous.