Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is There Hope?

I found a video on CNN where a clinical psychologist and the mother of a 5 year old boy were interviewed. The uproar leading to this interview was regarding the boy’s choice of Halloween costume. He wanted to be Daphne from Scooby Doo. Yes, a boy, wanted to have a girl costume for Halloween. And I repeat he is 5. What happened because his parents decided to support him in this choice was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!

At the school Halloween party, several other mothers from the class decided to take it upon themselves to berate the boy’s mom for allowing him to wear that costume. Keep in mind that none of the other kids said anything negative to him about his choice. Because of that, mom decided to make a post on her blog about the incident and her feelings about it. She has since received almost 20,000 comments about it. Luckily, most of them are positive.

I take issue with some of what the psychologist had to say because he feels that the boy is gay and the mother outed him on her blog. Again he’s 5. I’m not sure if a 5 year old can say what or who he is just yet. I have seen many kids be drawn to the opposite sex in ways that some people believe does not fit the mold. Here’s an example and it is a personal one. In Kindergarten, my daughter wanted to dress in camouflage for Halloween. She didn’t want to wear a skirt of camouflage she wanted to wear a headband, pants, and the camouflage makeup. Some would argue she was dressing like a boy. Well guess what? That same child has her own child and has been with the father of that child for many years now. She is not gay. She was 5 at time of the camo outfit.

So the parents of the other kids had an issue with that boy’s costume. Now I learn of another incident involving 12 year olds who did not like a girl’s name. They felt it was too masculine a name. So she got beat up by several of these bullies in school because of her name. It’s “Randi” by the way. That story can be found here. What adds to this story as being so horrible is that the beating was caught on video at the school and no one called the authorities. (Of course the parents of the victim haven’t either). I find that disturbing. Not only is bullying allowed by the school, they apparently do not have to call the police when they SEE A CRIME!!! I find that to be a most disturbing aspect of this. We send our children to school and trust that if some serious happens to them, they will call someone to ensure the crime is reported.

I’ll be honest. I am so disgusted with what is happening to kids around the country. With bullying and prejudice obviously being ignored, it’s a wonder that our kids aren’t completely refusing to attend school. The result can be horrific when they do. Some of them have chosen suicide over school. What does that say about our society? So how do we feel about the parents who supported their son’s costume? I, for one, am proud of them. He will grow up feeling accepted for who he is.

And finally, something that reinforces to me that there are redeeming qualities about this country.


  1. OMG the kid was 5 he could be watever he wanted to be it dont mean hes gay.. WTF im glad i wasnt at that school cuz seriously i think i would of resulted to violence against the mothers who were giving shit to his mom!

    The 12 yr old girls story is sad and it makes me mad!! Why the hell wouldnt her parents call the cops she is their child after all! I know plenty of girls with boy names some are gay and some are not .. A name shouldnt cause some to get beat up!! Now a days a boys name can be used for girls and noone really says anything except for ignorant people!

    The way things are going i think i will be homeschooling my children when its time for them to go to school

  2. I was Grettel in Hansel and Grettel, but the school was an all boys school. That was when I was in Third Grade, that would make me 8 or 9. I'm married now with two children. I turned out OK. I think Daphne would have been a cute outfit. I dressed my 3 year old as a Cow one year for Halloween. I wonder if that would be allowed in India. To dress as a Holy Deity. Do they even celbrate Halloween or all Hallows Eve in India. Or All Saints Day?

    Well thats Life on the Surface.

  3. I saw that post. Oliver would have dressed as Daphne had it occurred to him - he did carry around a Daphne Barbie doll and I got so much crap because of it.
    Children are who they are and it's not our jobs as parents to change them. It's our job to accept who they are and nuture that person.

  4. The five year old thing is ridiculous. Kids want to try out all different sorts of things it doesn't make them something specific it's called playing and it's how they learn about the world. That's a shame he ha dto learn that people can be horrible at such a young age. What the heck happend the childhood?

    The girl getting beat up makes me furious, how dare the school not address this. We send out kids to school to learn and not be abused. It makes me feel sick that the family of the girl doesn't have enough self respect for themselevs or their daughter to call this situtatin to attention.

  5. This all botehrs me but does not surprises me. There are a lot of rude people in the world. My 7 year old daughter plays football on our towns boys football team. It is full tackle youth football. I had a lot of people look at me funny for the first few weeks then after my daughter proved that she could do it, they stopped that and accepted her as part of the team. Some of the boys still pick on her but it is nothing serious. Unfortunately that stigma of a boy doing girl thngs is harder to overcome. I was sitting in the stands with my daughter and a bunch of the other players watching one of our teams play. The boys noticed there was a boy cheerleader and starting talking about him amoungst themselves. They said "they have a BOY cheerleader!" in a semi disgusted tone.I came back at him with:"yeah an you have a girl on your team" and I was told "That's different girls can do boy things but boys can't do girl things" And their parents just laughed. I don't see how these kids will learn how to treat others when their parents do the same thing. Please excuse any typos it's early lol

  6. wow Hun . well i woulda cursed the other parents out. i mean, my little cousin has always been into girl things purses , make up evn power puff girls and they way he acted we always thought he was gay well now at age 14 he has completely told the family he is gay and evn still i dont belive hm because he is not sexually active he just likes cross dressing but his parents dont approve he would rather be in school getting picked on than at home getting hit by his mom or verbally abused by his dad. its sad but true, there is so many problems going on with kids, im not sure if you are following a few stories but theres one where a little girl went missing her stepmother wrote a ransom note they had amber alerts and then finally switched it over from missing child to a hommocide investigation, with the parents as the main suspects! also the 18 lb 6 year old girl yea parents are freaking crazy! my son puts on my head bands and grabs my totes hes onli 2 but do i say he is gay NO! he is too young its like a little girl playing with cars,

    My girl cousin was a tamboy she grew up with my brother she didnt start getting girly till end of 6th grad and early 7th grade she has a kid and is hoeing around lol im sure she likes dudes lol

  7. I think every boy has dressed up as a girl for halloween once in their life. I guess that means they are all gay. Geez.

    I loved the video. We had a soldier from a small town here in Utah that died also, and the towns people showed up to block out that hateful group too. They said they were coming, but I guess they decided that they weren't going to take on our townspeople.

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    Do hope you get to stop back often ... there's always something going on from irreverent to profound!
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  9. I've been hearing so much about bullying lately it's so sad. Halloween is supposed to be a time when we dress up, are they going to call some frat boy who dressed up as cheerleader gay. NO so why berate this little boy and his parents.
    As for the little girl I know how hard it is growing up with a weird name. My real name I hate it's actually a boys name and so usual most people can't pronounce it. Which is why I go by a nickname my aunt gave me. And that school thing just freaks me out, we send our kids to school thinking that the school is going to protect them. Then I read about teachers and bus drivers bullying students. The whole thing makes me sick.

  10. Wow! This reminds me of my nephew who liked to play with "girl toys" (my sister supported his choices). He grew up to be a much respected and highly decorated 6'4" muscular cop. Of course, had he grown up to be an exotic gay dancer, that would have been okay too, but it just shows that you never know.

  11. I'm actually surprised that no one took a different stance from the rest of us...GLAD no one did..but surprised...where are all the closed minded simpletons hiding?