Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Choices Women Make

I know you all are aware that I watch CNN for my news. My favorite time of day is when Jack Cafferty gets to expound on the Cafferty file. I suspect he and I would get along pretty well as we both have extremely dry senses of humor and tend to be rather sarcastic. I found this topic he chose rather interesting.

Before anyone thinks badly of this statement you should know my kids have heard this and understand it. I could have been the woman who never had kids and I would have been okay with that. Since I had my kids, my thought process is simple. I would not change anything and I would die for them. But I can understand the choice not to have them.

It is difficult these days to raise kids. Most people who live in the middle income level still have issues with the cost of raising them. College is so out of most people’s range there is no way they can just “send them to school”. Most of them end up with student loans they are paying back for years and years. Then there is the lack of freedom.

Women have so many more choices these days. They have a better shot at making enough money to enjoy the things they like to do. That might be travel or it may just be collecting expensive things. Those two things alone can be out of the question with children. What if a woman wants to have a career that enables her to live in different places and countries? That becomes more difficult when kids are in the mix. I have met nurses who are in a program that enables them to work in one place for six weeks then move to another place. It is financially beneficial as the pay is high and their expenses are all paid. On top of all that, they get to choose where they go. How fun would that be?

I say life can be fulfilling even if you choose not to have children. Women have so many more options today than most had in the 1950’s. I say that’s a good thing. Choices are where it’s at.


  1. I completely understand what you mean.. sometimes I think about what it would be like to just move to another state, for no good reason. But you can't do that to the kids.. I love my babies, but I think I would have been ok without them.

  2. @ Jennifer- exactly before i would pick up and leave with no thought imoved 4 hours away with out a place to live or a job just cuz i wanted to, with no worries f id have a place to sleep or anything but with my son thats my biggest worry, if we move how easy is it to get a place to live to get a job, ugh I love him too i could have done with out him but having known what hed be back then id do it again but not sure im willing to have another we love to travel for months at a time or road trips and being on the road with a baby that requires naps is a no no

  3. So very true! It's great that we've came so far in all the options we have...and rightly may everyone else be able to have such equality!