Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Envii at Perfectly Imperfect has been gracious enough to bestow an award on me called The Versatile Blogger. I accept this award on behalf of all my readers because it is you who enable me to be heard.

The rules are simple.

1. Share 7 things about yourself then pass it on.
2. Pass on the award to 15 recently discovered bloggers. (I only did 5).
3. Notify the recipients.
4. Link the blogger who gave the award.

Here goes my 7 things! You might be afraid.

1. I LOVE crime shows. Like I'm addicted to them.
2. I listen to classical music once in a while to sooth my nerves.
3. I sing all the time. It doesn't matter where, I sing. If I'm in public, the lyrics
are running through my mind.
4. My nails are ALWAYS painted.
5. My house is full of collectibles.
6. My closet is so packed I have to remove things to get to others.
7. I want to live in the mountains. I feel at peace there.

For my list of bloggers, keep reading.

1. A Blog With No Purpose
2. Ask Arlee (Donda is hilarious).
3. Facing 50 With Humour
4. Sally By The Sea
5. Traci66

So I'm plugging Envii at Perfectly Imperfect so she better appreciate it. Have fun with it girls.

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for the award!!

    I love your 7 things - I also listen to Classical music once in a while just to soothe my nerves...but it's ROCK the majority of the time ;o)

    Happy Holidays!