Thursday, November 18, 2010

Are You Ready For Thanksgiving?

When I was growing up we lived a long way from our grandparents. Every year we made the 350 mile trip to spend this holiday with my Dad’s parents. It was always a big deal to go. I am the oldest grandchild and I was the only girl for ten years. It was great!

My grandfather was my only living grandfather since my Mom’s father had passed away several years before. So my paternal grandfather always said we were two of a kind. That meant I got to sit upstairs with the adults while all the bratty boys were banished to the basement. How great is that? Things have changed since then.

Since my kids were young, we’ve lived a long way from their grandparents. That means we’ve pretty much done Thanksgiving and Christmas with just our immediate family. We almost always have an extra or two because there is always someone who doesn’t have family near. They become part of ours for a while.

Over the years we’ve added a few members to the family. Some are the grandkids, of course, and some are attached to our kids. In other words, their significant others. Some have come and gone, but ours is still the house everyone comes to. I have a feeling it won’t stop any time soon.

This year is no different. I already know of one extra we will have. A friend of my son’s does not have family here so he will be sharing our table too. I hope it doesn’t scare him too much as our family can be rather loud and rambunctious. I know my SIL is always uncomfortable with it. Oh well!

So what are the plans at your house this year? Will you spend it with all your family? Or do you only have your immediate family there? Do you have a job that requires that you work on those days? Let’s hear what you are doing.


  1. This is my year for my kids and grandkids. woo-hoo. Super Excited

  2. I wanna come to your get together!

    I'll be traveling to see my's always fun...granny in stripper shoes, maybe a springer style throw down...good times!

  3. i wish i could say i am a total mess about it or that im not ready but.. the husband is out to sea, and i had thanksgiving the weekend before he left so that he wouldnt miss out

  4. Um I will work all day That day Because My grandparents will be short handed that day, but Dinner traditions are the same every year for thanksgiving. Dinner is served Late at about 9pm at the restaurant after they close and My aunts uncles and all 14 grandkids show up and now the great grandkids and of course boyfriends and girl friends needless to say it is a very big dinner. even while the Mr. and i were dating I made it home for thanksgiving and after we got married we both made it home before i gave birth so definately its one we dont plan to change and even friends come and join us like my dads coworkers and stuff

  5. But just tell me where you live ill be sure to join ya I dont mind Loud lol as long as you dont mind a destructive 2 almost year old!