Sunday, October 17, 2010

Where Would I Hide My Nuts?

If I were a squirrel, that is. Since I don’t currently own any, except in my mind, I will have to ponder this. Where should I start?

I could always keep them in my jewelry box. I mean aren’t they just like gold or platinum? Listening to the guys you would think so. Maybe a vault would be better. Then I could just take them out when I wanted to. Visit the bank once a month to see them and make sure they haven’t shriveled up to peanuts. I mean without warmth, love, and attention, I’ve been told they will shrivel.

Maybe I’ll put them in box under the bed. No, I’d probably forget they were there. They might become like the junk drawer I always forget to clean out. Not such a good idea. There’s always the hutch. It lights up and they could have their own spotlight. That might be cool.

Maybe I’ll just give it some more thought. It is a rather important decision that must be made. I’ll just hold off for a while. What are your suggestions?


  1. I love squirrels which is probably a bit on the odd side..but when I was pregnant with my daughter..the same squirrel used to come to the sliding glass doors...I even named it. lol

    Then it was climbing across a power line and fell in the pool. RIP Chippy.

  2. How about put them in a bag and tie it around your waist. Then you would always have your nuts with you.

  3. Think you should spread the love - some in your hutch, some in the bank, some under the bed, and definately some in your purse - that way you'd always have a sense of security..