Sunday, October 10, 2010

My Computer Ate My Photos

Yes, folks, that’s right. Somewhere in cyberland, (on my computer), are my lost photos. Of course, most of them are corrupted now, because my computer ate my photos. Have I mentioned I loooooooooove to take photos? Some of my newer followers may not know that, but suffice it to say I lost about 2500 photos. Those were just from three months’ worth. And you read that correctly.

I categorize photos by the month they were taken. In other words, you can go back a few months and find a photo by when it was taken. That does not apply to older photos that were probably taken on my Nikon 35mm camera. They are usually put in a folder that may be “My Kids” or “The Grandkids”. With all the digital photos, I put them in monthly photo folders.

Now my daughter says I did something to lose the photos. I am going to respectfully disagree for a couple of reasons. Sorry baby. Yes, I was cleaning up the excess and did delete folders after I sent them to the external hard drive. Here’s where the odd part comes in. And this is just because I know where all the photos are SUPPOSED to be.

I broke down and purchased a photo recovery program. They were able to recover a small fraction of my photos. Luckily I had put some of the more important ones on Facebook, the ones with the kids in them. I give myself kudos on that choice. Anyway, I “recovered” photos that were taken with the 35mm and some that were taken last year with the digital. None of those were in any of the folders that I lost. Not one of them was anywhere near those folders. That leads me to the conclusion that something wonky happened. And it was not of my doing.

So here’s your lesson for the day from someone who should be listened to. Okay that was a stretch. Let’s try this. Listen to someone who’s had an issue with their computer and lost a lot of work. FLASH DRIVES PEOPLE, FLASH DRIVES!!!


  1. That sucks.. Bean's camera ate my photos from Tallulah's birthday party..

  2. Oh bitch I'm sorry, that sucks...

    If you lived in Kansas I could probably get most of them back for you.. I have mad skills like that.

    You can probably take it and have them extracted for like 200.00 somewhere.

  3. Hi, im your newest follower from Tuesday Blog Hop. Come on by and follow back,don't forget to leave a comment :).

  4. Thank god for Mr. Boobies..he backs up everything all the time...otherwise I'd be out millions of pics too!