Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Set The Record Straight

I have a problem. You see I co-host a little meme called the Tuesday Train. And apparently there are those bloggers out there who have a problem with us. We have too many rules and we enforce them. We are so nasty that we get to receive comments that tell us we are absolutely wrong. Our button has also been removed from one blogger’s “Master List”. Oh my!

Before anyone lambastes me for complaining or bitching or whatever you want to call it, you should be aware of the rules. There’s only one we enforce. That is the button needs to be on your blog. Do you want to know how lax we are about THAT? Good, I’ll tell you. The button doesn’t even have to be visible on the first page of your blog! That isn’t what the rules state, but as long as there is some link to the button, then you’re good. We have a problem WHEN THE LINK IS SO SMALL IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO BE SEEN!!!

We are not growing. This hop is NOT growing. Why do you ask? I’m so glad you asked. And I’m going to tell you. IF THE BUTTON CANNOT BE SEEN, OTHERS DO NOT KNOW IT IS A HOP. They will not follow the link and get to the hop when they are reading the blogs of the people who do link up. How hard is that to understand? If I or my co-host cannot find the button, (and we search,) then no one else will. Get over it!!!

I don’t tell anyone how to write their blog or what to put on their blog. Ever! I don’t because it isn’t my business. My co-host doesn’t either. We both believe that to each his own. That also means no one else should tell us how to run our hop. I will tell you that I am extremely ticked off about this. How dare anyone tell anyone else what to write on their own blog or how to run their hop!!!

And to the person who made a link sign us out of our Google account? You are not a nice person and you should learn to mind your manners.

In honor of the not so nice person, we have upgraded the rules. Here goes! THE TUESDAY TRAIN BUTTON MUST BE IN THE POST YOU LINK UP WITH OR IT MUST BE ON THE SIDEBAR EXTREMELY VISIBLE. Is that specific enough? I hope so. This is the result of people who don’t want to follow the rules. I am sorry if this offends or causes any issues to those of you who keep the button on a page or a link and we have had no issues finding it. You’ve heard the saying, “One rotten apple spoils the whole barrel.”

Have those of you who complained heard of the First Amendment? I believe it means that as long as I am not breaking the law, I can do what I want on my blog. Guess what!!! That means you can too. So don’t rain on my train ride.


    If they don't wanna listen then fuck them!
    It's your dam linkup, they need to follow your dam rules to be on it!
    Don't feel bad! You are doing the right thing and I applaud you for it!

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