Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It's A Good Thing We Can't Carry Guns

Or I would have shot the lady in the other car today. No, I was not in an accident. This was a case of a woman who felt she must be entitled. I had the right of way, not her.

It was in parking lot in a small strip mall. I turned into the mall from the street which would allow me to drive in front of all the stores. She was coming from a different entrance THAT HAD A STOP SIGN FOR HER!!! Did she think she had to stop? Apparently she did not, because she kept edging into the lane in front of me. And she kept looking at me like I was supposed to stop. Not happenin’ sister!

You see, she was driving a brand new Lexus. I, on the other hand, was driving my trusty, if not a bit rusty, ’95 4Runner. I guess she thought that because my car has some age on it that I should give way to her glitzy Lexus. She doesn’t know me very well, so she doesn’t know that I don’t give a crap how much money she has, she’s no better than I am. That means if she has a stop sign and I don’t, she has to stop. Period. End of story. It’s just a good thing I don’t pack the heat or I might be a serial killer of all things ridiculous.

Let’s not even discuss how much damage I could do to that nice new Lexus she drives. Why, my old 4Runner would eat it for lunch and ask what was for dessert.


  1. You should have let her have it! Drivers really piss me off sometimes!
    That's when you need a paintball gun. No harm but you would have scared the shit out of her!

  2. I'm thinking you and I should never be in the same car together. It could be either rather fun and constant laughter or people being hurt. :)

  3. Step away from the heavy artillery!! Seriously though, I get bad road rage. BTW, love the new look, it is so soothing on my eyes!