Sunday, October 31, 2010


So I’m sure some of you are wondering why I changed my name. Well, I just wanted to mess you all. Ha! You thought that was it didn’t you? Sorry! You should know me better than that.

I have always felt a little different than my family. I’m talking about the one I grew up with. I still feel that way to a degree when it comes to my husband and kids. I get “corrected” all the time. In other words, I have always been told I don’t look at or think about life or its events quite the right way. It isn’t like a disagreement over politics or anything like that; it’s always been more that I’m just not right.

Now I’ve never been diagnosed with an emotional disorder that required medication so I’ve never quite understood this way of looking at me. I am more likely to be listened to and accepted by people outside my family. Don’t think I resent any of my family for this. Because I’m their sister, daughter, mom, and wife, I have to fit their idea of who I am, not who I really am. I think most of us get that. We are different people with different people. All of which leads me to the change.

I have a family blog that is just for them. It does not have anything remotely political, religious, or negative on it. That’s because I get complaints about it if there is anything like it. Complaining about the birds I complain about would be acceptable; however; complaining about the driver who flipped me off or expressing my views about politics and religion is not.

That blog started out as two blogs. One was for my writing and the other was for my photos. The photo blog was called “A Mad View”. It was for the way I look at photos. It’s nothing weird, just me. I ended up combining those blogs because it ended up being not so much fun for me. When I figured out I wanted a blog just for me, I started another blog that is in no way associated with the other one. In other words, I have completely different logins and you can’t find one through the other.

The second blog began as “the rant”. That’s what I refer to it as. I can say what I want when I want. Of course, there are still people who know I’ve said things about people associated with this family and I’ve been called on it, but it isn’t quite the same and with the name change, they may not be able to find it anyway. I can always hope, because one of them is the stalker.

The name started out as just a joke on a saying I hear at times from other people. After a while with that, I started the photo blog associated with I’m Just Sayin’, and it’s called, 2 A Mad View. It is getting a slow start. The photos this year have been fewer and farther between. Hopefully, that will change. So, anyway, I started thinking about the current blog and how I wanted it to reflect something I would say or reflect me a little better. That’s how My Mad Mind came to be.

Of course it wasn’t until after I got all this done that I realized how alliterative it is. Leave it to me to be different once again. Oh well! Here it is and it is what it is. I’ll still be saying things that may evoke anger or feelings of shock, but it’s always meant to make others think. That is my goal. I doubt I’ll be changing so much it will change. So grab the new button and still link up for the Tuesday Train and Fawk You Friday. Both hops are a lot of fun.

And just as a reminder, the Tuesday Train goes live at 8pm central tonight. All the buttons are working now, so grab them and go! Cause I said to do it and you know what that means. Oh yeah, nothing.

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  1. I like it. And I understand the whole family thing. Sometimes its much easier to give them the person they want rather than fighting them to be who you are.