Sunday, October 3, 2010

Cyber Bullying

Has anyone else seen the stories of cyber bullying lately? Just in the last week I’ve seen 2 major cases of cyber bullying that have been absolutely atrocious. One involves a suicide and another involves a governmental employee in Michigan.

The suicide was a result of a young man’s roommate using a webcam to stream live an encounter the young man had with another man. And apparently a girl, who lived in the next room, knew what was going on. Those two have been arrested for invasion of privacy and bias intimidation. What the hell were these people thinking? What difference does it make who the young man is dating unless you’re homophobic? I’m thinking the roommate might be.

Then we have the case of the Michigan Assistant Attorney General who is going after the student assembly president of the University of Michigan. He claims that the young man is pushing for “gender neutral” housing. In other words, if any man or woman chooses to live together in the dorms, it will be okay with them, the student body. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Since the beginning of higher learning institutions, there have been dorms. Until the 1970’s, and even into the 1980’s, it was a normal practice to house men and women separately. In fact, it was common practice to not even let a member of the opposite sex into the other’s dorm. I’m guessing there were things going on long before there were coed dorms and it wasn’t always just between men and women.

What I find even more appalling about this story, is the fact that the person causing all the fuss is a state of Michigan employee. He is an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan. So we have a state employee publicly lambasting the student body president and the only response from the state is that he is doing that on his own time. I find this absolutely reprehensible. Why hasn’t he been fired?

When we have people in positions like an AAG trying to oust gay people from a duly elected office, we don’t stand a chance at squashing all those bigots out there. And when their employer is a state government who chooses not to take action, it sets a dangerous precedent for the rest of the haters. What does that say about our country?


  1. I agree with you 150%. I'm so sick and tired of people that just don't mind their own business. errrrrrr

  2. OMG isn't this TERRIBLE!!! wow.. i hate hearing about these.. so sad. makes me never want to let my kids use the internet.

    and yeah my husband works out of town all week but normally not for two weeks at a time... yikes!!

  3. I just read article that in the last THREE weeks, six teenage boys have committed suicide over bullying.

    This is CLEARLY a major issue...something must be done about this.

  4. Great topic..Cyber Bullying comes in all shapes and sizes...not too mention the new thing called Cyber Stalking...not all states have completely written the law yet...and ours in the works...I have been having an ongoing case of cyber stalking..even though told to stay away..does that stop them..HECK NO...they use phones...proxies...friends...and why should you have to stop your life and enjoyment with readers and lock your websites or blogs to only people who subscribe..that is annoying...they can't see the blog so how do they know they want to subscribe....anyway....they need to take a stand...because people get hurt when lies are told via stalking.......

  5. I hadn't heard the second story about the dorms. Wouldn't gender neutral just be co-ed? I am going to have to Google this story. It's sad but there will always be a person or group that think their line of thinking is right way so there will always be bullying. There will always be people that want to hold someone else back to make themselves feel better. :(