Sunday, September 5, 2010

What Is Going On?

My mom has been here since Thursday and I have been sort of slacking on the old blog. I know, shame on me, I should be hung from the nearest flag pole and flogged. Well, you’ll all live. Anyway, I went to the store Friday to get some things for supper and the place was crazy. I don’t mean everyone was jumping around, dancing like zombies or anything. I mean there were crowded aisles, no room to turn around, and the parking manners were atrocious.

Talk about crowded in the store. The aisles are narrow anyway and then you have people leaving their carts IN THE MIDDLE OF THE AISLE SO THEY CAN SITE SEE!!! Don’t they have some manners? They weren’t apologizing for being rude. I’m not saying I never do it myself, but I will apologize for it when someone comes down the aisle just trying to get through. Not one time did I hear anyone say they were sorry for blocking the aisles. Rude people should just stay home.

Then there are the people who think they can park any way they choose. What the hell are you thinking? Do you really think it’s okay to park so someone cannot get in their own car? If you can’t park correctly, GO PARK AT THE MOST OUTER REACHES OF THE PARKING LOT!!! Do not try to park closer to the store than you are capable of having the finesse to get in the space. Rude people to should just stay home.


  1. i really don't understand what makes people think it's ok to block the entire aisle with their cart. i follow rules of the road in aisles and always give people more than enough room to go around me. i also don't know how the general population can be so unobservant that they do not see you coming down the aisle they have blocked. no one seems to know they should MOVE for you.

  2. omfg. I am so with you on this. Yesterday we went grocery shopping and were headed out when a woman with her cart and her little girl stopped right smack in front of the ice machine and started yelling to her husband at some checkout line "HOW MANY BAGS DO WE NEED". Fucking little girl had the door to the ice open and mom and cart were standing just far enough away right next to her that we almost had to run into the checkout line. I was not a nice lady. We got past and I finally said loudly, "God I hate people that feel like they own the aisles, Bitch" errrrrr

  3. I hate crowds in grocery stores. HATE them. I hate people who don't know how to park. HATE them. Nothing makes me more mad than a messy parking lot. And people in the way in the grocery store. I always go during "normal" working hours to avoid the people. But then I face weirder people. If that's even possible.

    p.s. good luck on getting a job, the current market sucks willie