Monday, September 6, 2010

Tuesday Train


A little "bidness" before we start. Last week a full 39.2% of all entries did NOT HAVE THE BUTTON ON THEIR BLOG ANYWHERE. This is a problem. I find it disrespectful to everyone who is joining us on the hop by not helping direct people to their blogs. This is not about me or my co-host. This is about the other people who enter their blogs hoping to find other followers and blog buddies and are losing out because no one knows there is a hop. I will find a hop on another blog and follow some of those links so I know everyone else does. By not letting people know there is a hop takes away from the start up blogs or blogs just looking for others like theirs. That I find rude. I want everyone to have fun here and meet new people. That will only be accomplished if EVERYONE POSTS THE BUTTON. You WILL be removed if you choose not to do so.

The rules are simple. Follow the hosts, I'm Just Sayin' and This Little Family, make sure the button for Tuesday Train is visible on your blog (not a specific post if you don't want to) and join the hop.


  1. It's on my right sidebar, I promise! I also love Trains, so it will probably stay there a while!


  2. New friend / follower... have a great Tuesday although it feels like Monday !!!

  3. but christy?

    some of us are too retarded to know how to make a button.