Monday, September 13, 2010

Tuesday Train


Welcome to another Tuesday Train. We are boarding now. And we're going over this again. If we cannot find the button on your blog, you will be deleted. It isn't hard to copy and paste so just do it. Now onto more business.

In addition to having the button on your blog or post, you need to follow the co-hosts. That would be me and This Little Family. Easy enough right? Then just enter your link in the linky below this post and you'll be ready for some hopping. Now doesn't that sound like fun? I thought so.

Now for another shameless plug. We have been trying to get our Fawk You Friday hop up and running and it is not going as well as planned. We use this to vent all our frustrations for the week. It isn't a bad thing or a bad word like I've heard some say. Please consider who you follow. I'm sure there are ones you follow that use much worse language than Fawk. Here's the button, plan your post and link up with me or my super scrumptious co-host, Boobies, Babies, & A Blog. Join the fun. Here's the link to the button.

IF I CAN'T FIND THE BUTTON YOU WILL BE DELETED!!! Now get with the program and board the Tuesday Train!


  1. There we go. Maybe I was suppose to be #13 today, things that make you go hmmmmmm.

  2. Bugs the heck outta me too. Not linking up just dropping off your award

  3. Thanks for hosting again! I already follow your wonderful blog! Have a great day! Heather