Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Really Rude Boaters

The rules of the water state that you are responsible for your own wake. I guess that doesn’t apply to the rich assholes running their boats up and down the Mississippi near La Crosse. On Sunday we were out on the river for my birthday and it was turning out to be a great day. Then the bottom feeders of the river came out. Yes, I said the bottom feeders.

They are the boaters who think they are above you but they really have the worst manners and do the most damage to others and to the river. The boats they drive have a very large draft. In other words, they have to have a lot of water underneath them or they will scrape the bottom. What that means in terms of the wake their boats churn up is not good for other boaters. They leave deep, deep troughs in the water that other boats must go through. It can be a dangerous situation.

I was riding on top of the boat (we have an old houseboat) with some friends when one of those jerks flew past us. Sitting on the top deck you don’t get the full force of the hit. So we didn’t know how bad it was until my husband came out to ask if I got any photos of the boat that flew past ours. I hadn’t because I didn’t realize how bad it was.

My son was driving the boat when it happened and he turned into the wake like he was supposed to. The problem was that the trough was so deep it slammed into the bottom of it. The step came off the front of the boat and the whole deck was covered in about 4 inches of water. It moved the grill about 2 feet and slammed all the chairs against the rail. My daughter got soaked from the waist down and my granddaughter got fairly soaked too. The only reason she didn’t get it worse was because my daughter picked her up in time.

Since I didn’t get that guy on video, I made it my mission to video anyone else out there being assholes by going too fast. So now I have some video and believe me, I will be doing that. When you have other people on the boat and you are responsible for them, you take crap like that personally. My granddaughter could have been seriously hurt or worse, swept overboard. Even though she had her vest on, it would have been a scary, scary thing. She’s only 2. I will be on the lookout from now on.

The picture I took shows what’s left of the water on the deck 10 minutes after the fact. Even with 7 or 8 drain holes there was still standing water. Ridiculous! Wish I’d had my bat. I might have caught up with him and used it on him. He shouldn’t be allowed to drive a boat on the Mississippi.

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